Benefit From Experience


Since June of 2004, Worksite Benefits has specialized in custom benefit management solutions for companies large and small.

My name is Candy Marrero and I am the President and Founder of Worksite Benefits.


I am a licensed health insurance broker by trade and started my career by gaining my initial experience working at a very prominent health insurance carrier in the Capital Region. During my tenure there I acquired great training as a Customer Service Representative; was then promoted to be the trainer for the Member Services Department and then went on there to my next position as a Sales & Marketing Representative. After 8 years of working for this health insurance carrier, I decided to venture out and start a business of my own. Since then I have been licensed with that same health insurance carrier as well as all of the other local carriers in our area as well as national carriers.  


I have built my business by educating business professionals and turning very complicated information into something understandable. This enables business owners to feel confident that the plan that are choosing is going to suit their needs. Our guarantee to you is that you will experience the good-old-fashioned customer service that has gone by the wayside with almost everyone else. WE ARE HERE TO SERVICE YOU!


When we initially start working with our client we take the time to understand your business, learning about what your company does and how your current health insurance is (or is not) working for you. We will then go over applicable options that are available and educate you on how it all works compared to what you have indicated your needs are. In addition to the education we provide, we will always show our clients how we can save them money. We have packages that will include plans with and without deductibles along with voluntary benefits that are designed to reduce/eliminate your employees out of pocket expenses. Once the employer has determined what plan/plans will best suit their company's needs, we then recommend that we have a meeting with your staff so that we can educate them on the new plan/plans while also comparing it to what they previously had so that they completely understand the differences. Our business card is distributed to each employee so that they (and their family) can reach us whenever they need assistance.  After everyone is educated, we provide the paperwork necessary to set everything up. We then collect the paperwork, process it all and contact the employer with a group number and an estimated time of arrival for id cards. We always follow up before the effective date to make sure that ID cards have been received and we reiterate once again to the employer that we are here all throughout the year to help them (and their employees) in any way that they need us. 


When someone calls us we drop what we are doing (because at that moment we want our client to know that they are our only client that matters). Our services are different ON PURPOSE. What separates us from our competitors is the service that we provide to our clients. Today everyone seems overly helpful AT THE TIME OF THE SALE but it is after the sale that separates one company from another and what I can promise is that the service that someone receives when working with us will be night and day difference from other broker agencies. 

- Candy Marrero