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Meet Our Team

Our team at Worksite Benefits features people who are passionate, prepared, and precise. We are motivated and meticulous. We are experienced.

These are qualities that you deserve from an insurance agency. These are qualities you will experience when you provide the staff at Worksite Benefits the privilege to serve you and your employees.

Learn more about Candy, Kali, Amanda, and Teri. With nearly 50 combined years of experience at Worksite Benefits, they are here to serve you and to help you.

Candy Marrero, President

“I am Candy Marrero, owner of Worksite Benefits. I started the company in 2004 after leaving a large local insurance agency. As I share my story, I hope you will see how passionate I am about my work and my company, and how our wonderful staff would appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


I sacrificed a lot of family time to build this business, so it is important to me that it continues to thrive in the way that I envisioned it and built it. 


My intention was to work with small local businesses and provide them with the customer service that is usually only afforded to the large businesses (where the most money is made). That intention is true to this day.


From the very beginning, I trained my staff that we are a SERVICE AGENCY, and it is our job to SERVE. With that said, I take great pride in the fact that we have a 95%+ retention rate (and always have). I attribute that to the fact that once a business owner is working with us and experiences the service that we provide, they stay with us for LIFE (unless they go out of business or are acquired by a larger business. Both of those situations have happened to us).


I am happy and proud to say that my four staff members and I are like a well-oiled machine. We want to work with businesses who want a broker who will make them feel like they have no other clients except them. They should feel like they are a priority; when we work with them, talk to them and listen to them, they are.


In many cases, we can educate our clients on how we can save them money on their employee benefits, WHILE ALSO providing even better benefits to their employees! We can help their finances while not sacrificing packages but instead providing more beneficial packages.


We also consider ourselves experts in Medicare and we have a knack of simplifying all the Medicare information. We streamline the process and the paperwork to make it much more convenient and much easier to understand.


Worksite Benefits is a company that will take care of you from Day One and beyond. We will be by your side. We are not here to sell. We are here to service. Contact us and let us provide the service you and your employees deserve. After all, that’s what we do, service YOU.”

Kali Marrero, Senior Account Manager

Kali Marrero provides a wide range of services to our clients. She reviews policies and contracts for detailed accuracy. Her summaries of claim submission, processing, scheduling, and communication puts the client at ease with her knowledge that she has you covered. Kali initiates renewals for existing clients and processes all the required documents for new groups including the enrollment of new members. 


When it comes to group paperwork, Kali is here for the new members and handling any issues that new groups may have, right from the beginning and through the time of the contract. 


Kali joined Worksite Benefits in April of 2011. Her experiences in client services include her work at he dental office of Dr. Marvin L Kessler, Dave Higgins Remodeling and Hair and Body Essentials Day Spa.


Kali Says ...


"I truly enjoy working with our clients in a variety of roles. The experience I have gained in over 10 years working at Worksite Benefits has provided me with many answers to the questions that our clients may have about their benefits. Each client is different, and it is all about listening to them and providing them with not only answers but suggestions for the best fit for their insurance needs." 

Amanda 2.jpg
Amanda Pusatere, Director of Marketing

Worksite Benefits "benefits" from Amanda Pusatere's decade of experience in marketing and promotions. She uses best practices and trending marketplace principles to build promotional campaign plans. Her content is specifically designed to both educate and engage the targeted segments of both current and potential clients.

Amanda's multi-faceted work includes website design, marketing emails and collateral, webinars, social media, and blogs.

Amanda came to Worksite Benefits in September of 2019 after four years as a Marketing Specialist at CDPHP. Check out Amanda's marketing and social media platforms to learn the latest and greatest about Worksite Benefits.

Amanda Says ...

"Worksite Benefits is a wonderful company with amazing service to our clients. As an experienced specialist in the marketing and promotions profession, it is a pleasure for me to share the successes of our clients thanks to the passionate work by Candy and her staff."

Teri Verin, RPEA Account Manager

Teri Verin is all about value, versatility, and variety. She is a valuable member of the team and is extremely versatile in a variety of areas for the company. Among her many responsibilities is the management of the day-to-day operations for one of Worksite benefits largest accounts. Teri communicates and explains the Dental and Vision plans, including the coverage and premium with a list of area providers.


Teri's organizational skills and confidential files for each client give these individuals the comfort and convenience in navigating the detailed and demanding opportunities of insurance packages and services.


Prior to joining Worksite Benefits in September of 2010, Teri was the Owner and Operator of Little Rascals Daycare for over 17 years. Our clients at Worksite Benefits can see that Teri's thoughtfulness and care from her time with her company continue today. She also has experience from the New York State of Education Department and Living Resources Corporation.  

Teri says ...

"It is a pleasure to assist our clients through the application process and helping them choose the best plan to fit their needs. I'm always here to answer any question that may arise. I also enjoy organizing job fairs and expos to promote Worksite Benefits and all we have to offer."   

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