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COVID-19 Employer Update

If you’ve been watching the news you can’t miss the fact that COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations are increasing not just locally but around the country. While you may feel media outlets are reporting exaggerated accounts of pandemic related illness the reality is that more and more employers are dealing with both quarantined and confirmed positive employees. With this news, we at Worksite Benefits have decided it was time for a refresher on the COVID related rules that came out earlier this year from New York State – they still apply as the National Emergency continues.

New York State has amended both PFL and DBL laws to include provisions for individuals on mandatory or precautionary quarantines due to COVID-19.  Regulations are based on employer size.

While the news of a vaccine coming along is certainly positive, the trend seems to be that COVID may still get worse before it gets better. Employers need to be prepared if an employee, or group of employees need to be quarantined.

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