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Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization. They are essential for the success and reputation of your organization with their dedication, effort, and results. 

Worksite Benefits is an experienced insurance firm with employees who are dedicated, detailed and determined to provide clients with extraordinary service. We will offer the perfect plan and the right fit for employees of your organization. 

Sounds like the perfect match!

Our agency is all about SERVICE. We serve your needs and the needs of your employees. We know that other then staff expenses, benefits for your employees will be one of the highest expenses for your operation. With that in mind, we design a plan that is cost effective to your operation while also providing the best plan for each of your employees. 

Dedication. Effort. Results. The staff at Worksite Benefits has you covered. Plan on it.

"Plan." Plan is defined as both a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something, as well as an intention or decision about what one is going to do.

Worksite Benefits defines the word "plan". We provide a detailed proposal for achieving the best insurance coverage for you and your employees. We work closely with you to customize the plan so you can make the decision and plan accordingly.


Worksite Benefits is the place to come to so you can provide the best opportunities for your employees. 

Every employee is different. They each have different roles and different expenses for your organization. We work with you to ensure that each employee, each PERSON will understand their benefit options and what to expect for that PERSON.

We have numerous opportunities for your staff. Our plans are affordable for health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance. Plus, we offer a full voluntary program from AFLAC with accident, cancer care and hospital coverage.

Life is all about opportunities. Worksite Benefits will provide you with opportunities that will fit the needs of each of your employees today as well as fit your financial future tomorrow.


We do our homework. We invest in you. We listen. We learn about your business and your demographics. We learn about your needs. We answer your questions.

When you provide us with the privilege of hiring us to serve you and your insurance needs, Worksite Benefits opens the door to communications. Once we have done our homework, we will provide you the plan for discussion, tweaking, and implementation. We will provide you all the details with an easy-to-understand package to inform your employees of these new benefits about to be put into place for them. We also offer in-person or virtual meetings to your employees upon request to ensure everyone is educated in the plan which they are enrolled.

But, that's not all. The communication continues with our clients. We keep you informed with the latest trends and updates. Our staff can answer emails, sure, but we truly enjoy speaking by phone for the personal touch that is so important for personal matters of insurance questions that might arise from an employee. 

Would you like to discuss these options with our experienced staff members?

Do you have questions about the opportunities you can select for your employees?

We are here in the Capital Region to serve YOU

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