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In New York State, employers are required to provide disability benefits coverage to employees for off-the-job illnesses or injuries, including pregnancy. New York disability insurance offers short-term cash coverage so employees can focus on getting back on their feet. These disability benefits include cash payments and are not intended to cover the costs of medical care.


Who is eligible for disability insurance? In New York State, employers who hire one or more employees for 30 consecutive days in a calendar year are required to provide statutory disability benefits insurance for their employees after the 30th day of employment, unless they are considered exempt. Exemptions include minor children of employers, government workers, railroad workers, members of religious orders, sole proprietors, and others. Our office can answer any questions you might have about exemptions.

Keep in mind that if an employee is injured at work, they may not be eligible to receive New York disability benefits at the same time as worker’s compensation, as this could be considered “double-dipping.” This makes it even more important for an employee to acquire supplemental disability insurance to ensure that their expenses and families are protected by additional funds beyond what is allotted by the state.

Failing to provide disability insurance to your employees can result in steep penalties. Fortunately, your local group insurance benefits broker is here to help.

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